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Savannah's Logistic Excellence

Seamless Logistics Solutions
with Empire Intermodal

Empire Intermodal stands as your premier gateway for seamless drayage and trucking solutions in Savannah. From temperature-controlled reefer containers to hefty rail boxes and overweight cargo, we’ve tailored our services for every logistical demand. Ensuring unrivaled connectivity, we span every key location, from ports to railways, warehouses, and beyond in the Savannah locale, affirming our commitment to excellence in the transport landscape.

Empire Intermodal excels in offering tailored port drayage services, enhancing your import and export control. Operating from the strategic location of Savannah, GA ports, our expertise extends to handling standard dry containers, ensuring your cargo is transported efficiently and safely according to its specific requirements.

Our Mission

Drayage Services

Recognizing the critical role of drayage in the freight journey, Empire Intermodal focuses on streamlining the container movement process at the Savannah ports. Our commitment extends to ensuring efficient and timely transport of your cargo right from its initial step in the shipping chain, emphasizing reliability and precision in our operations at this key logistical hub.

Our compensation packages are competitive, and we offer a variety of local and regional routes, providing our operators with both flexibility and reliability in their work.

Our Mission

Partnering with Owner Operators for Success

At Empire Intermodal, we hold our Owner Operators in high esteem, recognizing them as integral members of our team. We're committed to maintaining a respectful and supportive work environment for all.

Also Serving To NY & NJ Ports And Rails

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