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Empire Intermodal excels in
nationwide shipping across 48 states
Specializes in efficient drayage
at Savannah ports
Provides a supportive environment
for valued Owner Operators


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Where We Dray

Empire Intermodal stands as your premier gateway for seamless container drayage and trucking solutions in Savannah. From containers to hefty rail boxes, we've tailored our services for every logistical demand. Ensuring unrivaled connectivity, we span every key location, from ports to railways, warehouses, and beyond in the Savannah locale, affirming our commitment to excellence in the transport landscape.

Empire Intermodal focuses on streamlining the container movement process at the Savannah ports. Our commitment extends to ensuring efficient and timely transport of your cargo right from its initial step in the shipping chain, emphasizing reliability and precision in our operations at this key logistical hub. Empire Intermodal excels in offering tailored port drayage services, enhancing your import and export control. Operating from the strategic location of Savannah, GA ports, our expertise extends to handling standard dry containers, ensuring your cargo is transported efficiently and safely according to its specific requirements.

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Drayage Transportation and Logistics Solution

Nationwide Transport

We ship goods across all 48 states.

Diverse Cargo

We handle every kind of product you need to move.

Heavy Loads

No container is too heavy for us; we carry all sizes.

Rail Freight

We transport cargo that travels on trains, called rail boxes.

Local Moves

Need something moved close by or in the region? We've got it.

Savannah Connections

Trucking to key cities; Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis, and Orlando and much more…

Address: Savannah GA Port 1 Main Gate Complex Garden City, GA 31408 USA

Notes: Hours of Operation: 6am-5pm Mon-Fri

Address: 950 River Street Savannah,GA 31401 US

Notes: Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

Address: 65 N Lathrop Ave, Savannah, GA 31415

Notes: Hours of Operation: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

Address: 124 Prosperity Drive, Garden City, GA 31408, US

Notes: Hours of Operation: 8am-4.30pm Mon-Fri

Address: 321 Grange Road, Savannah, Georgia, 31407

Notes: Hours of Operation: 8am-4.30pm Mon-Fri

Address: CSX – Tremont Avenue 3000 Tremont Road Savannah, GA 31405 USA

Notes: Hours of Operation: 7am-9pm Mon-Fri, closed Sat/Sun

Address: 6069 Commerce Blvd. Garden City, GA 31408

Notes: Hours of Operation: 8am- 5pm Mon-Fri

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